Welcome to my first page!  To explain a little bit about me

I am a wife, mom and grandma.  My family is my life!  Even though they are grown and on their own, I pray for them daily , for God to watch over them for me.  Since I am no longer responsible for the day to day responsibilities of raising them, I now have time to pursue my interests and hobbies.

I sew – a lot!  I can honestly say I do not always enjoy the sewing process but I love the outcome.  The items I like to sew the most are curtains and quilts.  I use to sew clothes but have found I would rather know that they would fit me nicely so now purchase my clothes.  However, my hubby still prefers to wear long sleeve shirts I have sewn.  I have an embroidery machine and sewing items with embroidery  is my enjoyment.

I also knit and crochet.  I prefer crochet as knitting takes so long and my tension does not always stay perfect.  I also do card stamping.  I am new to this and am still learning.

I love to garden, not always the weeding part later in the summer, but I love to have flowers blooming all summer.  I prefer perennials as once they are planted they are there for years to come.  Some of my favorites are lupine, lilies, hosta, iris and roses!  I also like flowering shrubs and trees, especially lilacs and flowering crab trees.

I read a lot!  My favorite genre is christian fiction.  Of that I enjoy historical, and suspense.

The reason I am starting this page is because of encouragement to share my quilt patterns I have made that originals and to share my reviews of the books I read and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy my page and invite your friends to follow me as well.


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