Spring is on it’s way!

As I look out my living room window I notice the ice along the shore has melted!  Can it really be that spring is on it’s way?  So I took a walk around my yard and I have Tulips coming up.  The Daffodils by the house have nice buds on them.  The Iris are coming up in all the gardens and I see some sign of life in the Jacob’s Ladder, Speedwell, Peonies and Pastel Daisies as well.   My new “picking garden” has Columbine and Lupine coming up.  The lilacs also have nice fat buds.

I have to really hold myself back as there are lots of sales going on now and all those colors of Peonies, Lilies and Hosta are just way to tempting!  And with a small yard and the need to “be able to get to the back yard” and “need a place for the dock and boat lift” I do not have much room.  Oh I can not forget about the limitations the 4 very old mature Black Walnut have put on my landscaping.  But I am learning a lot and enjoying plants that I never knew about before we bought our pre-retirement home a few years ago.

It appears the recent snow falls and rains have helps with the pollen issue – at least for now. I hope you all take the time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air as I did.




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