The Prophetess, Deborah’s Story

51j+hy41D2L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_The Prophetess is book 2 in the Daughters of the Promised Land written by Jill Eileen Smith. This is a Biblical fiction book of Deborah based on Judges 4:1-5.

Deborah is Lappidoth’s wife, and mother of Lavi, Elior and Tayla. Lappidoth is a Levite who is also a scribe, writing copies of the law and writing letters for the elders. He teaches Deborah how to read and write so she can also do this. Deborah learns the law and spend her time sitting at the city gate as a Judge answering people’s questions regarding the law.

Deborah also receives visions from God. As the country is being terrorized by Sisera who travels around killing people and taking the girls, God reveals to her that this will not end until everyone stops worshiping idols.

The story also introduces us to Deborah’s extended family as well as Barak, a man whose wife was murdered by Sisera. Deborah’s daughter, Tayla, is interested in Barak and would like to be his wife, but he rejects her.

I enjoy reading stories of women in the Bible and this story is really good. I like how the author brings the customs of the time into the story . I appreciate the research the author has done to bring this story to life. I also appreciate that even though this is a series, the book is a stand alone story.

I was gifted this book from Baker Publishing Group for an honest review.

ISBN 13:  9780800720353


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