Visible Threat

41zF05whi8L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Visible Threat is book two in the Critical Pursuit series by Janice Cantore. Officer Brinna Caruso has made it her mission to find missing children with the help of her search and rescue dog, Hero. In this book the focus is more on human trafficking but she and her dog are called in to help locate evidence when a body of a young woman’s body is found by the river. Not long after the body is found another body is drifting down the river, but this time the person is alive. Brinna used Hero’s leach for another officer to keep her from falling in the river when she attempts to catch the body as it floats by. She catches the body but she and the other officer get hurt.
Brinna’s mom steps in to help care for the second woman taken from the river but things go very badly. The men involved in the human trafficking break into Brinna’s moms house and kidnaps Brinna’s mom and the girl.
Detective Jack O’Reilly is involved in the case of both women pulled from the river as well. Jack and Brinna are pulled together at work and they both have found their faith. Brinna is taking small steps learning how to pray and starts attending church with Jack.
The grant that funded Brinna’s search and rescue dog, Hero has run out and there is a possibility the project will not longer be funded.
There are a lot of changes in this book for Brinna. She may lose her working partner, she feels responsible for the injury to the other officer involved in the river rescue.

I really liked this series. It is fast moving with a lot of things happening. The story of human trafficking is not a common story and it was interesting to read about. I appreciate reading how strong Brinna’s mom’s faith is through her kidnapping and the strength she has.

ISBN-10: 1414375549

ISBN-13: 978-1414375540


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