Crooked Lines

Crooked Lines is Holly Michael’s debut novel. The story is about two young people, Rebecca who is growing up in Wisconsin and Sagai, who is growing up in India. Both come from large families and both have dreams they want to follow.

Rebecca is troubled by her little sister’s death and feels her parents blame her for the death. Her dream is to travel to India and then attend college. But due to an accident, she does not get to India, and she attends college across Wisconsin from her family. Rebecca becomes engaged and in trying to decide if she should marry Nate, she spends a weekend with his family. While with his family, they attend church and a visiting priest from India is there. Rebecca becomes friends with Father Michael and over the next 20 years they correspond. Rebecca marries Nate and life is not at all what he promises her it will be. She has many struggles during her life and the one that resurfaces in the story is her faith in God.

While in India, Sagai has always wanted to be a priest. He helps the local Priests serve mass and ends up going to seminary. Father Michael recommends Sagie for training to be a priest. Sagie spends many long hard years away from his family taking orders from unfair superiors. This is the life he was born for. He wants to serve God and help others.

Father Michael corresponds with both Rebecca and Sagai. He asks each one of them to pray for the other, even though they have not met each other.

I like this book. There is a lot of twists and turns that take place and most of the time it really was not what I thought would happen. It was hard to read the constant trial both Rebecca and Sagai were constantly going through. I felt Rebecca’s character was a little weak. She gave up her dream of traveling to India and went through with a marriage she was not excited about. While Sagai’s character was very strong, enduring more unfair treatment than most would. I was disappointed with the part in the story where Sagai and his two friends have a mud fight. Had it happened when he was younger, it would have been more reasonable. The book ends in such a way I hope there is a sequel.

I received this book from Book Club Network for an honest review.  I give this book a 4.5

ISBN-10: 0692259899

ISBN-13: 978-0692259894

Published by AMDG Publishing

380 pages


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