Room For Hope by Kim Vogel Sawyer

9780307731371 (1)Neva Shilling is waiting for her husband, Warren, to return home when she gets a surprise visitor, Jesse Caudel. She thought her husband was traveling selling items when he actually had a second family in another town. Her husband and his other wife died. On his death bed, his instructions are for their three children and their belongings to be delivered to Neva. Neva is a very caring person and takes the children into her home to raise them. They have their struggles. Neva doesn’t want to look at Warren’s other children, but she also refuses to send them away. Her son, Bud, does not want the other children to be with them and is convinced they will not bind together. Where as Neva’s daughter, Bell, enjoys having the children and takes care of them and feels everything is going to be OK.

Arthur Randall owns the furniture store next to Neva’s store and wants to buy Neva’s store to enlarge his. He tries to buy it from her as soon as he hears about Warren’s death and is asked to leave her building. He decided to try being nice to her instead, to win her over to selling him the store.

Jesse Caudel moves to Buffalo Creek and takes the sheriff position. He is in need of furniture to set up his house. Neva does not have room for Warren’s other furniture so they make a deal for Sheriff Caudel to use some of the furniture and keep it safe for her. As he is laying in bed, he sees the name of the manufacture and is puzzled by it. He eventually finds out the furniture company had furniture stolen from them at some time in the past.

Neva is finding out Warren is not at all what she thought he was. And she wonders if she can trust others as well. When the community finds out the three children are Warren’s other family, they turn their backs on Neva and the children.

This is a very good story and am so glad I got a chance to read and review it. The story takes place in 1936 and shows us some of the struggles the people go through. Even though the subject of adultery is mentioned, this is a good, clean historical story. The story is very realistic in struggles a family would go through in this situation. We see the pain they go through with losing loved ones and the pain of betrayal. We also see the healing that takes place through the power of prayer and with God’s intervention. We also get to see through Neva’s love for others and faith that others are lead to the Lord through her.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Information about Kim Vogel Sawyer and excerpts from this book and others can be found at and

352 page

ISBN-10: 0307731375

ISBN-13: 978-0307731371

Publisher: WaterBrook


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