Focus: Eliminating Distraction for Enhanced Spiritual Vision


Focus written by Margie Fleurant is a book to help the reader identify what distractions they have in their lives that is hurting their spiritual life. The book contains ten enemies of our spiritual walk.

Offense is holding on to hurts instead of letting them go.
People-Pleasing is trying to please other people, rather than pleasing God.
Self-Absorption is focusing on our inabilities, rather than believing God is powerful enough to help us overcome them.
Focus On The Past is one of the man distractions we have. Satan loves to remind us of our past hurts and failures. God forgives our past.
The Easy Road is accepting what is good, doing small things. God has called us to do great things, more than we could ever imagine.
The Noise Of The Enemy is paying attention to troubling thoughts we have. Are these our thoughts are those from the devil.
Discouragement comes to us when things happen in our lives to get in the way of accomplishing our goals. Putting our hope in Jesus enables us to get past this and focus on our destiny.
The Treasures Of The World and focusing on money gets in the way of the true riches we get from God. Many people spend their lives striving to make more money to buy more things, but they are not happy because of it and they want more.
Reliance On Our Own Works is focusing on doing good works rather than spending time with God.
Weariness happens when we become overwhelmed by difficulties in our lives. We need to take time to rest our physical bodies to stay healthy and we must put our trust and faith in God for complete rest.

This is a great book! The author uses scripture through out the book to support what she is say. There are so many places in this book that made me stop to think about my life and the stumbling blocks I have getting in the way of my spiritual journey. The author compares our spiritual journey to that of a runner training and focusing on running a race. We are not to let distractions get in our way or lose sight of our final destiny – our relationship with God.

I received a copy of the book from Book Club Network for an honest review.


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