Bridge to Haven

368191Bridge to Haven is a romance novel by Francine Rivers.

Pastor Zeke is on his morning walk when he feel a strong pull to go to the bridge where he finds a new born baby girl. He, his wife and son take the baby girl Abra in for 5 years as a foster child. At this time their life is changed and Abra is adopted by a couple with a young daughter who is Abra’s friend. Dispite the adults thinking this is best for Abra, it isn’t. She feels like no one loves her.

As a seventeen year old, she takes off one night with a young man, Dylan Stark, and goes with him to Hollywood. He uses her until he is tired of her. At one of Dylan’s mother’s parties she is introduced to Franklin Moss. She leaves with him and he turns her into a movie star, changes her name, controls what she eats, wears, and who she is around. One day while he is gone she leaves and end up being a waitress where she runs into her foster brother, Joshua, who convinces her to go home to Haven with him.

In Haven she finds forgiveness from those she ran away from.

I have enjoys Francine River’s books, until this one. I felt the story had to much sexual undertones. Many events are mentioned but are not realistic. Law enforcement is not called in to help find Abra when she runs away, or when close to $8000 is stolen from her years later. The books continually has christian references and scripture, but no one talks to Abra as a child to see what is bothering her or try to help her like a christian normally would.


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