The Imposter

9780800723200The Imposter written by Suzanne Woods Fisher is book one in The Bishop’s Family series. This is story of Katrina Stilzfus and her family following the accident that took her mother’s life and almost took her’s. Katrina’s father, David,answers the call to move to Stoney Ridge to be a minister and is the owner of the Bent N’ Dent store.. The Bishop of the church dies and the other minister of the church becomes the new Bishop. The new Bishop is trying to change the way things are done, and this is not what David feels is right. Meanwhile, David and the Bishop’s sister are becoming friends.
Katrina has a boyfriend where they were from and continues to go back to see him and hopes to marry him. Until he notifies her that he is engaged to someone else and will not see her anymore. Katrina takes a job working for the late Bishop’s wife, who is trying to start a buiness selling moss. Andy Miller also works for the widow and he and Katrina become friends. But Katrina was hurt by the breakup with her boyfriend John. She is now carrying his baby, which is causing problems for her and her family.

This is a very good, well written book. I really like how the story showed how the family stuck together and did not talk about each other as well as how firm in his faith David is and how he works to stick to the Amish principles. I appreciate the strength that Katrina and her father show dispite the struggles they are going through.

I received this book from The Book Club Network and Revell. This is my honest review.

320 pages

ISBN 13: 9780800723217

Publisher: Revell


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