Back in the Saddle by Ruth Logan Herne


Back in the Saddle is book one in the Double S Ranch series written by Ruth Logan Herne.

Sam Stafford is a single father of 3 grown sons.  Colt, the oldest, left the ranch nine years earlier and developed a promising career on Wall Street. Colt remembers his mother talking to him about prayer and taking him to church, but Colt no longer attends church. He is a man who is in control. Nick, the younger son, stayed on the ranch and helped his father build the ranch into what it is today. He is an over protective single father of 2 young girls. Nick tolerates the idea of faith because he is a father and that is what fathers are suppose to do. And Trey, Sam’s nephew and adopted son, also left the ranch and became a country music superstar. Trey was married but lost his wife due to a drug overdose. Trey owns his faith, it is seen in his eyes his actions and in his folded hands. The brothers are similar, they all are successful in their careers, yet they are so different.

Sam is ill and injured himself, at the same time Colt’s career takes a turn for the worse. Colt goes home to the ranch, for the first time since leaving almost nine years earlier, to help his sick father. He comes face to face with Sam’s housekeeper, Angelina Morales.

Angelina was a detective in Seattle and moved to Washington with her mother and son when her father was murdered. She has been very good for Sam and the ranch. But her former boss keeps calling asking her to come back, she finally accepts.

A fire breaks out in town, destroying the church and several other buildings. The Staffords step up to help rebuild the town. Sam has developed a relationship with God and wants to give back to the town. The town people are skeptical as in the past the Staffords have only cared for themselves. Colt has come up with a plan to rebuild their buildings as well as senior housing. He says he will stay to see this through, but he is getting great offers to go back to work on Wall Street.

I loved this story. I enjoyed reading about how the sons work together to get things done when their father becomes ill and can no take care of things. This is a great story about family and caring.  I enjoyed seeing the change that takes place in Colt once he gets back on the ranch.  I like how Sam wants to give back to those he had no time for before he became a Christian.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Information about Ruth Logan Herne and excerpts from this book and others can found at and

Series: Double S Ranch

320 pages

ISBN-10: 160142776X

ISBN-13: 978-1601427762

Publisher: Multnomah



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