Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today


Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today is written by James W. Goll. This book explains to us spiritual gifts and explains how the Holy Spirit moves through them. Spiritual gifts are tools that you need to practice using. They are given by God for ministry to take place for the good of the Body of Christ. They are given though us as acts of kindness, mercy and love towards others and we are to give them as God shows us to.

Spiritual gifts are broken up into 3 types. Revelatory Gifts are the gifts that reveal, gifts of discerning of Spirits, word of wisdom and word of knowledge. Power Gifts are the gifts that do, gifts of faith, healing and miracles. Vocal Gifts are the gifts that speak, Gift of various kinds of tongues, gift of interpretation of tongues, and the gift of prophecy.

The gifts that were interesting to me were the gift of knowledge, the gift of miracles and the gift of prophecy.. The gift of knowledge is explained as having a “gut” feeling about something. You know you know something but you do not know how you know it. The book explains that no one knows everything, only God does. The gift of miracles is something I have witnessed. Miracles are a gift, you do not earn them, and they are only given by God. You will almost always find that a miracle was sparked by an act of obedience. The gift of prophecy does not predict the future as one might think. It is a word of encouragement that is personalized and aligned with scripture. It is meant to build up a person’s faith, encourage them to do good deeds and to comfort them. Page 168 in the book has a scriptural test to confirm if the prophecy is a gift of the spirit.

This book is very interesting. I appreciate the author explaining the proper times to use spiritual gifts and the reason for them. This book is very helpful in understanding Spiritual Gifts and is an encouragement to take the step to pray for a Spiritual Gift.

I was given this book by Book Club Network for an honest review.

192 pages

ISBN 16: 9781629116044

Publisher: Whitaker House

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