Shattered Trust


Shattered Trust is written by J. Chris Richard, a police wife and founder of Words and Youth. This book is the story of Officer Logan Taul. Logan and his partner have been abusing their positions as police officers. One day he realizes he has wandered from his reason for becoming a police officer and wants to correct his wrongs. He reports what has been happening to the captain. By doing this he has started an investigation that causes some of the officers to lose their job and some, including himself, to take a reduction in rank and pay. Even though he goes through a lot of problems from reporting this, he holds firm to his decision to turn things around. It is very evident that God is watching over him as he goes through this.

One of Logan’s responsibilities as a police officer was to find fathers who were not paying child support. All the while Logan has not been paying the child support for his 2 children. He contacts Social Services to correct this. He gives up his apartment and takes a much less expensive one. Logan also starts volunteering with a group for youth, helping the students with math. The students quickly become his friend and they arrive at his apartment to help move. He also sells his truck to pay some of the back child support payments and rides the bus. He no longer goes out to eat, he carries his lunch to work. And he finds out where his children go to school and starts attending their activities.

I really like this book. It is a fast moving story with a lot of suspense and action that takes place. The story shows how older people can learn from the younger less fortunate if they give it a chance. The story is a reminder that no matter what we have done wrong, we can always change and try to correct our wrong.

I received a copy of the book from Book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.

378 pages

ISBN-10: 1518691900

ISBN-13: 978-1518691904

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


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