Miriam by Mesu Andrews


Miriam: A treasure of the Nile Novel is written by Mesu Andrews. This book follows after The Pharaoh’s Daughter.

Miriam is now 86 years old, she works as a midwife and healer. Many come to her with their injuries to be treated. From a young age she has had a close relationship with God, El Shaddai. He makes her who she is. He reveals to her meaning of dreams that she interprets.

Miriam is the sister of Moses. She lives with her parents, caring for them with the help of her nephew Eleazar. Eleazar is a slave working as a guard to Prince Ramesses, the firstborn son of Pharaoh’s second wife. Each morning and evening he takes his palace rations to share with Miriam and his grandparents. One night he tells Miriam that Pharaoh wants her to come to the palace to interpret a dream he had. While Miriam is with Pharaoh, Taliah, the nursemaid of his son is brought to him. His son had fallen and broke his leg. Pharaoh orders Eleazar to break her leg. When Taliah’s father left the area, he left Taliah in Eleazar’s care. Eleazar takes Taliah to Miriam’s home for Miriam to care for her. Miriam tries to get Eleazar to take Taliah as his wife to protect her but he refuses, saying if he marries he will bring harm to his family.

Moses returns home and announces God’s secret name is Yahweh. God appeared to Moses, He has heard the cries of His people and has chosen Moses to confront Pharaoh. God tells Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell Pharaoh that plaques will be brought down on his people if the Hebrew are not left to go worship God in the wilderness. Each time Moses and his brother Aaron go to speak to Pharaoh, he refuses to let the Hebrew people go and each time God sends down another plaque. Some of the plaques affect all the people and some of them are cast only on Pharaoh’s people. The final plaque is that all the first born son’s will die. God gives Moses instructions for His people to make a Passover feast of lamb. They are to brush the blood of the lamb over their door frames so the firstborn sons in those homes will be spared.

I really like this book. I appreciate the research the author did to write this story true to the time. We are able to see into the lives of the slaves and the struggles they and their families went through. The author helps us to visualize what it must have been like to live through the plaques. And to help us understand how the Hebrew people must have felt to cross the water bed. This book is Biblical Historical Fiction based on the book Exodus.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.

Information about Mesu Andrews and excerpts from this book can be seen at http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/authors/187189/mesu-andrews/

Series: A Treasure of the Nile

384 Pages

ISBN-10: 1601426011

ISBN-13: 978-1601426017

Publisher: WaterBrook Press


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