Anything for a Mystery by Cynthia Hickey


Anything for a Mystery is book one in A Nosy Neighbor Mystery series written by Cynthia Hickey. Stormi Nelson stumbles over a dead body and one of her neighbors is the handsome detective, Matt Steele, at the scene. Stormi is a romance author that wants to write a mystery. Stormi decides to talk with the neighbors to find out more about the recent murder. Her mother, divorced sister, niece and nephew show up at her door to live with her. Her mother and nephew help her in her search for answers. Another murder takes place in the neighborhood and Matt tries to tell Stormi to not get involved. But Stormi is on a mission to find out who the murderer is.

This is a fun little mystery with a little romance mixed in. There is a lot of action and mystery through the entire book. The characters are introduced in a way that it is easy to follow who they are and what part they play in the story. I was surprised with who the murderer was and why. I would recommend this to people who like mysteries.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network for an honest review.

Series: A Nosy Neighbor Mystery (Book 1)

240 pages

ISBN 16: 9781499603385

Publisher: Winged Publications


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