Every Bride Has Her Day by Janice Thompson


Katie Fisher entered a contest and won a wedding dress. She meets the designer and her son, Brady Jones. Katie gets a job with the designer and falls in love with Brady. They get engaged and everyone is planning her wedding for her. She has dreamed of her wedding since she was young and has a scrapbook of her dream wedding. Katie is struggling with how to move forward with planning her wedding and not hurting anyone. Bridget Pennington comes into the bridal shop and is having similar problems. Her wealthy father wants one type of wedding and she wants another. The ladies at the bridal shop tell her to not let him boss her around, it is her day and “if the bride ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Katie’s new sister-in-law also tells her to have the wedding she want’s.

This is a cute Christian romance novel story. There are a lot of characters, but they are introduced in such a way that you get to know them all. Almost everyone in the book either just got married, gets married or engaged in the story. I thought this took away from the story of Katie and Brady getting married. I also thought the idea of announcing engagements during celebrations for other people was a little insensitive toward the couples being celebrated.

I received a copy of this book from Revell publishing company for an honest review.

Series: Brides with Style (Book 3)

352 pages

ISBN-10: 0800724011

ISBN-13: 978-0800724016



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