The Drifter by Nicholas Petrie


The Drifter is Nicholas Petries first novel. The story takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Peter Ash was a marine, now is a veteran with PTSD that does not allow him to be inside buildings without experiencing anxiety. He has built an enclosure on the back of his pickup and sleeps inside the cab. He has learned one of his military friends, Jimmy Johnson, has died and goes to help Jimmy’s family. He makes up a story about working for a Marine Corps program providing free home repairs for families of veterans. While working on Dinah Johnson’s deck he has to deal with a big, aggressive dog. He is able to get the dog tied up so the dog will not hurt anyone. He also finds a battered suitcase under the deck with a large sum of money and plastic detonating devices. He and Dinah try to find out who the money belongs to.
Jimmy had been injured while deployed and came home a different person. He left his family, got an apartment and a part time job. He also was trying to help find a missing military person. One of the things Jimmy had when he died was a belt with a hidden pocket. Peter uses the items in this pocket to start an investigation into what really happened to Jimmy. During his investigation Peter meets other veterans suffering from the effects of being in the military. A lot of them have made bad decisions and are just trying to get enough money through illegal means to be able to move away and live out their lives.

This is a good story. It is full of action and suspense. I hope Nicholas Petrie writes a lot more books. It really makes you sit back and think about what our veterans are going through and the lack of proper care they are getting. The story also gives us a glimps into how the military life has changed these people from who chose to fight for our country and freedom, to people who are running from the memories of was and just trying to get by. The only thing I did not like about this story was the use of swear words, I think the story could have been told without them.

I received a copy of this book from Goodreads and have written an honest review.

368 pages

ISBN 13: 9780399174568

Publisher: G. P. Putnam’s Sons


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