Mississippi Nights by D.M. Webb


Mississippi Nights is written by D.M. Webb. This is a story of two brothers and how their lives are affected by the death of the younger brothers fiancee.

Sergeant Jeremy Boyette is on the scene of an accident, his brother’s fiancee is trapped in a car that is catching on fire. Jeremy tries to get her out but is pulled away by his co-workers. His brother, firefighter David Boyette, arrives to see his fiancee die in the fire. He blames Jeremy for not trying to get her out.

After her funeral David moves away. He turns to partying alcohol to bury his pain and grief. After several years he returns home. David moves into an apartment to hide his drinking problem from his family.

Maggie is the daughter of the family’s pastor. She takes in a young girl who is often left alone. Maggie is also the cousin to Jeremy’s wife. David meets her and starts to have feeling for both her and the little girl. Maggie struggles with her feelings for David as well.

The two brothers often find themselves working the same cases. Outward appearances show that they do not like each other, but their struggles inside tell a different story. Jeremy refuses to tell David, he did try to get David’s fiancee out of the car. Jeremy has scars on his hands that David sees by accident.

The Boyette’s are a close family. They do a lot of activities together. When the family finds out about David’s drinking problems they get together to help him. The father sends David to their pastor to have the pastor help him with his addiction. Jeremy looks down on David for not just stopping, until David points out to him that he has the same addition with smoking. Jeremy claims he is quitting smoking, but is he really.

This a really good story. If you like stories based on family with action, suspence and romance you will love this story. I like the action that takes place. I like how close the family is and how they work together to help each other. There is a little comedy in the crazy things the brothers do as well as how Jeremy’s wife responds to her children. The story points out the struggles people with addictions go through and how their addictions affect those close to them and their jobs. The story also tells us that we cannot run away from out problems and hurts. We have to deal with them to successfully move on.

I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew

384 pages

ISBN-10: 1935507915

ISBN-13: 978-1935507918

Publisher: Ambassador International

This book can be purchased at http://www.amazon.com/Mississippi-Nights-D-M-Webb/dp/1935507915/

More information about the book and author can be seen at  http://christianwomenaffiliate.com/group/cwa-review-crew/page/mississippi-nights

Author Website: http://authordmwebb.weebly.com/

“The song used in the trailer is a Christian artist names Lance Edward Nielsen who produced the song under the band Angel Dean. He is the founder of  Ministry Arts Academy in Sioux Falls, SD.”


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