Kiss The Bride


Kiss The Bride is a book of 3 short summer love stories. All three stories are focused around people who are involved in weddings.

Picture Perfect Love: A June Wedding Story is written by Melissa McClone. Jenna is wedding photographer that is still hurting from her canceled wedding 2 years earlier. Ash called the wedding off due to a photo that went viral that his sister posted but blamed Jenna for. Now Ash stands at Jenna’s door asking her to photograph his sister’s wedding.

I Hope You Dance: A July Wedding Story is written by Robin Lee Hatcher. Skye owns a dance studio and is giving dance lessons to the Anderson-Malone wedding party. Grant is one of the groomsmen cannot make the lessons and sets up a different time for his lessons. Skye and Grant quickly get engaged before discussing their desires for children. Skye wants a big family and Grant does not want children.

Love On A Deadline: An August Wedding Story is written by Kathryn Springer. Mac is a reporter/photographer for the local newspaper and is given the assignment to cover a wedding.

She finds out the bride to be, Hollis Channing, use to be her next door neighbor who was not very nice to her. Hollis’ brother, Ethan was her high school crush. The Channing family moved away right after the father’s death and has never returned. When Mac goes to the Channing home to take photos she runs into Ethan.

All three of the stories are quick, easy fun to read stories. The stories are Christian romance stories with Christian couples who fall in love at first sight. This is a good book to curl up and read on a lazy day. The stories are very short so the characters cannot be introduced in depth, but the authors do a good job. Each of the stories have a little bit of mystery in them regarding how the couple will be able to move past hurts for the sake of others. The stories teach about forgiveness and living a Christian life and developing stronger faith. I would give this book a 4.5

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers for an honest review

Series: A Year of Weddings Novella

352 pages

ISBN-10: 0310395874

ISBN-13: 978-0310395874

Publisher: Zondervan


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