All Summer Long: A San Francisco Romance


All Summer Long is book 2 in the Follow Your Heart series by Melody Carlson. Tia D’Amico is working in her uncle’ s restaurant in northern Washington when her aunt calls her. Her aunt and uncle have inherited his parents’ yacht and they want to turn it into a restaurant and they want Tia to move to San Francisco to run the restaurant Tia accepts the position and moves to San Francisco right away.

Tia’s aunt is suppose to meet her at the airport but her uncle has be taken to the hospital so her aunt sends someone to pick her up. The person picking her up turns out to be the boy, Leo, who she met at camp in high school who kissed her and stole her heart. Leo is to take Tia to a restaurant in the area that her aunt would like to use as inspiration for her restaurant When they get there, Leo tells her that his fiance will also be there. Leo and Natalie got engaged just that day. Tia had already been starting to imagine what it would be like to start over with Leo.

With Tia’s uncle in the hospital and her aunt staying with him, the remodel project on the boat has been turned over to Tia. She eventually moves onto the yacht and tries to avoid seeing Leo. But Leo is the captain of the yacht and is also responsible for overseeing parts of the remodel.

Natalie would like to get married very soon, but she and Leo do not agree on many parts of the wedding. And Natalie is keeping a very big secret from Leo. She has taken Tia into her confidence and tries to build a friendship with Tia.

This is a good book. It is a clean Christian Romance story. It is a simple story without a lot of drama and suspense. This is a story of family, of encouraging each other and helping them out when it is needed. As well as a story of rekindling friendships from younger years. I felt sorry for Leo, his father wanted him to be a lawyer and Leo didn’t want to be. And Natalie sort of forced him to get engaged when he wanted to take more time.

I received a copy of this book from Revell for an honest review

Series:Follow Your Heart (Book 2)

320 pages

ISBN-10: 0800723589

ISBN-13: 978-0800723583

Publisher: Revell


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