I Love You Just Because by Donna Keith


I Love You Just Because is a cute cushioned board book written by Donna Keith. This s a story of a bear family with 3 different little bear, a Polar Bear, a Panda Bear and a Brown Bear. Each little bear has their own things they are able to do, that are different than the others. But they are reminded that they are part of the family because they are God’s gift to the parents, an answer to their prayers.

This is an adorable book for toddlers and young readers. It has very good messages within the story. The little bear are told they are special, they are a gift from God, that they are loved. The story is very well written and each page also contains a bible verse that pertains to what is written. The pictures are so cute, but who doesn’t love little bear cub. This is a wonderful little story that could be use when a child is scared, or at bed time to help affirm that they are loved. I like how the author points out that not all bear can do the same thing. The Panda Bear and the Brown bear can climb trees but the Polar Bear cannot. But Mama bear reaffirms him that she loves him. The book is also good for having a child interact with the story and is very strong and durable.

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Blogger for an honest review.

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

20 pages

ISBN-10: 0718088530

ISBN-13: 978-0718088538

Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Boardbook edition



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