Romance by Design


Romance by Designs is written by Gail Gaymer Martin. Hunter Evans has just returned from working on a project in London to find the company he works for has hired a new designer. Morgan Branigan helps the boss with the charitable events that Hunter does not like to attend. She also has a different design style than Hunter. Their boss pairs them up on several jobs to have them blend their design styles. Together they make an outstanding design team, even coordinating their dressing for presentations.

A former designer, Anica, returns to the company and threatens Morgan’s and Hunter’s relationship. Anica and Hunter use to have a romantic relationship and she wants him back.

Hunter grew up in a dysfunctional family with no religious training. Morgan was raised in a close family with a strong religious up bringing. Morgan takes the time to pray before her meals. Hunter questions this and over time he finds himself wondering about religion and the Christian Life.

This is a really nice story. It was a little slow moving in the beginning but once the story line was developed it was a fun to read book. Megan has grown up in a large family with a very funny father. This story has drama as well as romance.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network for an honest review.

294 pages

ISBN-10: 1515081338

ISBN-13: 978-1515081333

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


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