They Danced On by Carre Armstrong Gardner


They Danced On, written by Carre Armstrong Gardner, is book 3 in A Darling Family series. We are brought up to date on the Darling family. The father Leander, has been diagnosed with ALS disease. His wife, Jane, is having trouble accepting his illness. She feels that if they just had faith that he would be healed. The Bible tells us about healing through faith and when Leander’s illness gets worse she thinks he should have stronger faith. Leander turns to his children to have them help their mother accept the progression of his illness and his needs for health aides to make his life easier.

Their youngest child, Amy, moves into her own place and Jane finds herself trying to adjust to the newer, slower place of her life without children to care for. She misses her kids, she misses having a houseful. She wonders what people does after raising their children. Do they take classes, do they develop new hobbies.

Dancing has been a part of Leander and Jane’s lives. The continue to enjoy dancing until Leander becomes so weak that they stand and sway to the music with Leander leaning on Jane for strength.

I like this book. I like how the author continued to bring the whole family into the book so we could catch up on what they are doing. There is a lot taking place in this story, of which most families also go through at some time. I like how realistic this story is. It show us different things families go through such as graduations, weddings, illness, and personal struggles.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing for an honest review.

Series: The Darlings (Book 3)

400 pages

ISBN-10: 1414388160

ISBN-13: 978-1414388168

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.


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