Jaded by Varena Denman


Jaded is book 1 in the Mended Hearts Series written by Varina Denman. This is Ruthie’s story. When Ruthie was a little girl, her father left. The church they were attended shunned her and her mother and the community looked down on them. Ruthie is now grown and is working 2 jobs to try to help support her mother and herself. She works at the high school during the day and at a grocery store at night. Her cousin looks after her a lot, taking her where she needs to be and hanging out with her.

The little town of Trapp Texas does not get many people moving in. Within a short length of time a former community member moves back when he is released from prison. And the Cunningham family move to the area. The oldest son, Dodd, is the new part time pastor at the local church as well as teaches at the high school where Ruthie and her cousin work.

Dodd is a Bible following pastor and talks with people from outside of the church leading them to God. The church leaders do not like this, they feel they have hired him to work for them only, not those who do not attend the church.

This is the first book I have read written by Varina Denman and I really like it. I like how realistic this book is about situations and struggles people go through. And the hurt they feel while going through the hard times. The story shows us that things that we have not control over, such as Ruthie’s dad leaving, affects the rest of our lives. I especially like the family background in this story. I like how strong Ruthie’s extended family is and how they have reached out to take care of Ruthie when her mother is not able too. And I like seeing how Ruthie takes on the responsibility of helping her mother and trying to keep things easy for her mother.

Series: Mended Hearts Series

432 pages

ISBN-10: 1434708373

ISBN-13: 978-1434708373

Publisher: David C. Cook


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