The Centurion by Ken Gire


The Centurion is a historical novel written by Ken Gire inspired by Biblical scripture. It is the story of Lucius, a Centurion at the execution and death of Jesus. Lucius meets Mary of Magdala and they both experience feeling for the other. Mary has had her fill of men, she does not want a man. She only wants Jesus, He was everything to her.

As a soldier in the Roman army, Lucius is sent to the Frontier for training and to fight in wars. He does not want to leave Mary, he questions why Mary was brought into his life for him to be set away. After many years of war, Lucius’s feelings toward war was changing. He no longer thought of himself as a good man with noble ambitions. He questions if a day will ever come when men will war with words instead of swards.

Mary moved to Rome. She was always giving of herself. She has seen a lot of miracles and has memories of Jesus. Her life changed forever the day she met Him in Magdala. She would follow Him anywhere and give up anything.

When Lucius returns to Rome, he finds it has been destoryed by fire. The Christian’s are blamed for the fire and are being tortured and killed. Lucius is also told that Mary has been in Rome and he sets out to try to find her.

This is a good book that is inspired by Biblical scripture but is mostly fictional. The author has done extensive research to write the story true to the time. The author includes her reaserch at the end of the book so the reader can also do research to better understand that time in history and the events that took place. I enjoyed reading about the traditions that were observed at the time of Jesus’s death. And the was the armies fought in battle, having different goups of soldiers that would take turns fighting and going back in line so the soldiers were not all fatigued from fighting at the same time. This is a good book, but there is a fair amount of violence within the story. This is a reminder to us of how violent that time in history was.

I received a copy of the book from Moody Publishing for an honest review.

368 pages

ISBN-10: 080240894X

ISBN-13: 978-0802408945

Publisher: River North


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