Ben-Hur A Tale of the Christ by Carol Wallace


Ben-Hur A Tale of the Christ has been rewritten by Carol Wallace, great-great granddaughter of Lew Wallace, the original author of Ben-Hur. Carol has brought the story up to date with contemporary language, faster pace, more depth to the women in the story as well as cutting and rearranging parts of the story.

Judah Ben-Hur was leaning over the wall watching Roman soldiers when a loose tile fell, hitting one of them. The soldiers came into the Ben-Hur home, killed one of the servants and took Judah, his mother and sister away. Judah was placed on a Roman ship as a Galley Slave. This was a position that caused the death of many of the slaves. But Judah was strong and survived not only the position but also the incident that took the ship down. As the ship was burning, Judah rescued a Roman tribune Quintus Arrius. Arrius took Judah back to Rome with him, adopted him and allowed Judah to train with the Roman army. At Arrius death, Judah left Rome and returned to his father’s business manager, Simonides. He also was looking for his mother and sister. Judah had to prove who he was as everyone thought the Ben-Hur family was dead.

This is an awesome book! I especially liked the part where the elderly men talked about the dreams they had and the meaning of them. I liked that Simonides and Balthasar were provided a way to be at the crucifixion of Jesus. It was important to Balthasar to be at the death of Jesus as he was at Jesus’s birth. I appreciate the confusion the people had about Jesus being the King of the Jews and not understanding what that meant. I would recommend this story to anyone who like Biblical Historical Fiction.

The author also includes and afterward that tells us about Lew Wallace and the original Ben-Hur. This was very interesting to me.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing for an honest review.

432 Pages
ISBN-10: 14964110
ISBN-13: 978-1496411068
Publisher: Tyndale Publishing

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