Praise Is My Weapon by Dan Willis


Praise Is My Weapons is written by song writer Dan Willis. The author explains that praise is our weapon that comes in many forms such as making music, singing, dancing, writing poetry, giving offerings and speaking the Word. Praise is also a command, it is not an option, it is something we are suppose to do. Praise is also a response, praise God no matter what. Praise him for good things even in tough situations. Psalms 150:6 says “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”

There are seven Hebrew words for Praise:

1.  Yadah is to extend your hands as an expression if adoration. We lift our hands with palms facing away from us as a sign of surrender to God. We have our palms facing toward us showing we are ready to receive him.

2. Halal means to boast and celebrate the attributes of God with your whole heart, as stated in Psalms 111:1.

3. Tehillah means to break out in spiritual song of praise. It is used 418 times in the Bible, the most used word for praise.

4. Shabach is to speak to God in a loud voice, to shout because He is worthy to be heard above all else.

5. Barak means to bend or bow down to the knees to bless God.

6. Zamar is to play an instrument as praise to God.

7. Todah means to give an offering of thanksgiving.

The author also explains the different parts of worship, reverence, service and humility.

This is an interesting book. I thought the different forms of praise were very interesting. I had never thought of giving an offering as a form of praise. One of the things in the book that stuck out for me was to prophesy to ourselves. The author tells us that when we praise God, we are declaring what he has done an we are thanking him in advance for what He is going to do. Praise says “Thank you God for things in the future that You’ve already done.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network for an honest review.

208 pages

ISBN-10: 1629113395

ISBN-13: 978-1629113395

Publisher: Whitaker House


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