Silent Take over by Jacquelyn Sheppard

Silent_Takeover_FINALFRONTCOVER (1)

Silent Takeover, written by Jacquelyn Sheppard, is a book about the connection of our body and mind. Much of the book talks about the importance of proper nutrition and lists the different items that may be lacking in our bodies, causing emotional, mental or addictive disorders. The later part of the book covers the importance of prayer, music and silence in our lives.

One of the things the author writes about that really caught my attention was “Cry your heart out. Scream your pain out. Refuse to keep the pain inside where it will continue to eat at you, little by little, hindering you from becoming the person you can be.” She tells us to take time off from work and to talk with others to help with our pain.

The author also points out that the type of music we listen to can affect our mind. And that not taking a day of rest will also affect us. This one is so important the God made it our fourth commandment.

I felt the book was rather hard to keep my attention. I wish the author would have given more helpful information for the nutrition part, such as a list of foods to eat. But I thought the later part of the book was really good.

I received of copy of the book from Book Club Network for an honest review.

244 pages

ISBN-10: 0768409241

ISBN-13: 978-0768409246

Publisher: Destiny Image


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