The Sons of Isaac by Roberta Kells Dorr

Sons of IsaacThe Sons of Isaac, written by Roberts Kells Dorr, is a continuation of Abraham and Sarah. Isaac is Abraham and Sarah’s only child. The story starts with Abraham wanting the perfect wife for Isaac, while Rebekah is praying to God for a husband. Rebekah has trouble conceiving a child and when she finally does, she has twin boys. Prior to their birth God tells her the youngest will have the birthright, but Isaac does not follow through on that. Isaac favors Esau, the first born, and Rebekah favors Jacob, the younger twin.

After he has lost his eye sight, Isaac tells Esau to make a special meal for him and Esau will receive his blessing. When Rebekah hears this she helps Jacob make a meal and dress as Esau and Jacob gets the blessing instead. When Esau finds out he threatens to kill Jacob, so Rebekah send Jacob to her brother’s home to find a wife.

This is a great historical Biblical Fiction story. It is well researched and very easy to read. The book is very well written and gives a better understanding of what it could have been like at that time. I especially like the messages in the story. God does answer pray but not always when or how we want. The story also shows that when we try to take control of our life, we actually are going against God’s wishes for us. Such as worshiping idols like Rebekah’s family did. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishing for an honest review.


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