The Alliance by Jolina Petersheim


The Alliance is book one in the The Alliance series written by Jolina Petersheim. This book introduces us to the members of the Mt. Hebron Old Order Mennonite Community.

Without any warning all electricity, automobiles, phones and modern technology ends. This is thought to be the result of electromagnetic pulse or EMP. When this happened the plane Moses Hughes is flying goes down in the field by Leora Ebersole’s home. The men working in the mill run to help Moses out of the plane and lay him on Leora’s table.

While the community are meeting to discuss what has happened, Moses wakes up and Leora takes him to the meeting where he explains what he believes has happened and what they can expect. Moses suspects life as they have lived has come to an end. He tells them that food will run out and their little community will be visited by lots of people.

When the EMP happened, there were several Englischers working at the mill. They are not able to leave due to their automobiles not working. The Mennonite community and the Englicshers strike an agreement. They will build a fence around the property, the Englischers will use their guns to protect the community and they will continue to live in the Mennonite community. The agreement is that they will only fire their guns if they are fired upon. The community agree that they will share a meal with those who come through their gates but they soon realize that either they did not figure how much food they had left, or someone is stealing the food.

Leora is a young lady keeping what is left of her family together. Her father walked out on the family a couple years earlier. Her mother died a year after her father left. Leora has a younger sister that suffers from a brain injury as well as a younger brother and her grandmother. Leora’a neighbor Jabil has feeling for her. Leora is starting to have feeling for Moses and Jabil does not like this.

This is a very interesting story. The story is told by Leora and Moses. It really made me step back and think, this could some day be our future and are we prepared. This book definitely is not what I expected, it is so much more. There is a lot of suspense within the story, so much so that the romance is not as prominent. It is not the normal Amish/Mennonite story, there is a lot of things happening that could distract the community from their faith. It is interesting to see how they manage to cling to their faith and principles while reaching out and helping others. I am glad to see that this is part of a series and can wait for the next book!

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network and Tyndale Publish for an honest review.

Series: The Alliance

384 pages

ISBN-10: 1496402219

ISBN-13: 978-1496402219

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.


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