An Amish Harvest


An Amish Harvest is a collection of four novellas, all focused around the harvest season.

Under the Harvest Moon by Beth Wiseman is a story of Naomi, a young mother of 2 girls who has recently lost her husband. Her father has hired an English friend of his, Brock, to bring in her harvest with the understanding Naomi will feed his 3 meals a day. Naomi’s daughters decide they want Naomi to marry Brock.

Love and Buggy Rides by Amy Clipston is a story of Janie, who witnesses a car hit a buggy driven by Jonathan. Janie and Jonathan work for the same employer and develop a friendship spending their lunch times together. Janie’s father does not want Janie to tell anyone what she saw but when she hears Jonathan may lose his job she speaks up.

A Quiet Love by Kathleen Fuller is the story of Dinah and Amos. Amos’s step mother has invited Dinah, her niece, to visit. Dinah arrives just as Amos’s father injures him self and cannot work for a while. Dinah helps Amos with the harvest. Dinah has a stuttering issue and Amos has disabilities but they both long to fall in love.

Mischief in the Autumn Air by Vannetta Chapman is a story of auction house owner, Eli, and his assistant Martha. They have noticed someone is paying way more than certain pieces are worth and in examining the pieces they find the pieces of furniture have been made with parts of a map.

This is a fun book to read. All four of the stories are very well written with characters who find themselves developing relationships they were not expecting. Each of the novellas can be easily read in an evening. I really appreciate the message of faith and hope that is written within each story. I love the harvest season, “Under the Harvest Moon” and “A Quiet Love” both bring back memories of farm life and putting up the food for animals and family for the long winter ahead.

I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson and BookLook Bloggers for an honest review.

432 pages

ISBN-10: 052911853X

ISBN-13: 978-0529118530

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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