Proof by Jordyn Redwood


Proof is book one in the Bloodline Trilogy, written by Jordyn Redwood. Dr. Lily Reeves is an ER doctor and one day she cannot find her keys to leave work. She ends up staying to help with an emergency that involves a young pregnant woman. The baby is delivered but the mother and child both die.

This is a story of a serial rapist who leaves behind his DNA, often impregnating the women. The rapist also is a murderer who takes the lives of the women and babies. Lily is raped and becomes pregnant. When she accuses one of her co-workers for raping her, the co-worker brings legal charges against Lily as well as a restraining order. Lily is released from her job. She flees town to save her life and prove her co-worker is the rapist and murderer. In doing her research she comes across the medical condition the rapist has that is making it so hard for law enforcement to find the real killer. Not wanting to keep the babies but wanting to keep them from harm, she turns to her friend and co-worker Kadin. Kadin is a strong Christian who ties to help Lily turn her life to the Lord, while he finds parents for her babies and helps keep Lily safe.

This book is a combination of medical and crime thriller. It is written so good that it pulls you in right away and it is hard to put the book down. The story has a lot of violence that is described so would turn away some readers. But it is a great “who done it” type story. The story is so realistic and fast moving. The author worked in critical care and emergency nursing for 2 decades and it is very evident that she knows her stuff with how she has written this story. This is the author’s first novel, but the writing is so good that I am hooked. I cannot wait for more of her books!

I received a copy of this book from the author and Book Club Network for an honest review.

Series: Bloodline Trilogy

307 pages

ISBN: 9780825442384

Publisher: Kregel Publications



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