I Wish He Had Come With Instructions by Mike Mechtle


I Wish He Had Come With Instructions, written by Mike Bechtle, is a book written to help us women take a peak inside our man’s brain. It is a suggestion for how to approach the man in our lives.

This book has many good points in it. The author points out the physical difference between the man’s brain and the woman’s brain. He also points out how this makes the difference for how men and women act.

The author has several topic that he points out to the readers. Some of them include, what men want women to know, myths about men and how men communicate. The author also points out a few things that we as women can do to develop a satisfying relationship with our man. Those include:

Constantly look through his eyes to see his perspective.

Waste time together.

Make laughter a priority in your relationship.

Show him respect whenever you can, in little and big ways.

Clarify expectations.

Take care of yourself.

Be intentional.

The title of this book is what made me decide to read it. And my husband had a good laugh about it. The author has a humorous approach to writing this book. The one we laughed about was the process of putting together do-it-yourself furniture. The author writes out the steps: open the box, look for instructions (or at least the wife does), lay out the pieces, try to follow instructions, get frustrated, eat cookies. I appreciate the author pointing out that we cannot change our man, as so many women try to do. We can develop a better relationship by trying to understand our man and working with that. The part in the book that stands out to me is that most men would rather make a difference in others lives. They want to make an impact at work as well as at home, and with family and friends. Men want to be heroes to the people in their lives who matter to them. Above all else, that includes the women in their lives. I especially appreciate the authors pointing out that this is not a book to help a troubled relationship, that no book can. The author stress the importance for good communication and gives guidance on developing good communication skills to avoid placing blame.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing for an honest review.

224 Pages

ISBN: 9780800723835

Publisher: Revell Publishing


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