Home on the Range by Ruth Logan Herne


Home on the Range, written by Ruth Logan Herne is book 2 in the awesome Double S Ranch series. This book takes up where the last one left off. The town is trying to rebuild itself. Colt has taken on the Stafford family’s responsibility in that process while Nick continues to manage the ranch and keep up with his daughters. His oldest daughter, Cheyenne, is having troubles with her school work and Nick takes her to Elsa to try to work through the issues that are causing her problems. Just when Cheyenne starts making progress, her mother, that left three years earlier, returns and wants to be back into their lives.

Nick is determined to be a better father to his girls than his father was to him. Nick and Elsa start to have feeling for each other but Elsa is also running from past problems. Nick’s family also like Elsa and Elsa likes them and the ranch.

Sam, the father, is ill and his health has taken a turn for the worse. His youngest son returns home to help with the ranch.

This is a wonderful story of family, family love and family commitment as well as a story of forgiveness and restoration of faith. The book is very easy and fun to read. The family members we met in the first book are also present in this story. The story is so realistic with the struggles the family is going through both the emotional and physical. I love this series!

To learn more about the author and get a sneak peak at the books in this series go to :http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/authors/259708/ruth-logan-herne/

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange of an honest review.

Series: Double S Ranch

320 pages

ISBN-10: 1601427786

ISBN-13: 978-1601427786

Publisher: Multnomah


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