SOZO Saved/Healed/Delivered


Sozo, by Dawna Se Silva and Teresa Liebscher is not at all what I was expecting. This book is to help provide us with the tools we need to build a strong connection with God. The book give advice on how to break from the lies, addiction and hindrances that can take over our lives.

Sozo is a word used over 100 times in the New Testament. The word Sozo is Greek for healed, salvation and deliverance. In this book the authors talks about understanding the Godhead, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. She tells us that Sozo goes beyond physical healing, it embrasses the concept of Spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.

I enjoyed reading this book even though it is more a book about the Bethel Sozo program and some of the people they have helped and the ways they work to help their clients achieve healing. I especially enjoyed reading about the “Father Ladder”. In this section the authors explain the correlation between members of our family and how they affect us and which part of the Godhead ties into this. I also found what the authors said about us responding to Jesus better than God or the Holy Spirit because we feel Jesus is our savior and friend and is easier to relate to.

The book end each chapter with discussion questions, steps for activation and additional reading. The author also list resources in the book to make an appointment for a Sozo session.

I received a copy of this book from Book Club Network in exchange of an honest review.

176 pages

ISBN-10: 0768409152

ISBN-13: 978-0768409154

Publisher: Destiny Image


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