Eden Hill by Bill Higgs


Eden Hill by Bill Higgs is a wonderful book set in the 1960’s. Eden Hill Kentucky is the normal small town of that era. The businesses are owned by the local people. The women have Friday afternoon appointments at the beauty shop where they catch up on what is happening in the community and women’s issues. The men get together on Thursday nights for hair cuts and visiting.

Virgil Osgood is happily running the service station his father stated after returning home from WWII. His family life has also been a happy one, until one day when Mavine gets quiet and asks Virgil to read a magazine article.

One day Cornelius and Jo Ann Alexander are driving around and notice the vacant lot across from Virgil’s station that is for sale. Cornelius buys the lot and sets up a Zipco station in hope of becoming a successful business man and being able to provide a good lifestyle for Jo Ann and their future children.

Virgil and Mavine feel threatened by the new Zipco station. There soon begins a gas price war and opening specials. The service station is remodeled and Mavine has Virgil wear a uniform.

In an effort to bring Virgil and Cornelius together, Reverend Eugene Caudill, puts them together working on the same projects and invites them to go fishing with him. Reverend Caudill also makes special visits to the Carnelius’s to help them in their Christian walk.

This is one of the best books I have read this year! I enjoyed reading the story and remember some of the products that were mentioned in the book. I felt so bad for Virgil when he was trying to read the magazine article and didn’t know what it meant.

The story also showed the feelings of the time with Madeline Crutcher refusing to acknowledge her background and her son, who is black. But it also showed the generosity of community with how Anna Bell and Grove put baby food in the Cornelius’s baby bag to help the young couple out. This is a great story of Christian love and fellowship and how we can sometimes lets every day life put road blocks in our walk with God.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing and Bookfun.org for an honest review.

400 pages

ISBN-10: 1496410831

ISBN-13: 978-1496410832

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.


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