Guide me Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer


Guide Me Home is a novel written by Kim Vogel Sawyer. Andy Hardin, the only son of Festus and Nell Hardin, wondered into the Mammoth Cave and was carried out days later by Tolly Sandford. Nell Hardin has been sad every since and says she will not be able to return to her old self until Andy’s grave had a headstone. Hearing this, Rebekah, the oldest daughter, sets out to get a job so she can buy her mother a headstone. The only job open is a guide at the cave and those jobs are typically given to men. Rebekah dresses up like a man and applies for the job. Tolly is not fooled, he knows she is a girl and hires her anyways. He still feels bad that he was not able to rescue Andy alive.

Rebekah, known as Reb, teams up with Tolly and their summer duties are to work with college student, Devlin Bale, showing him the cave and surrounding area. Devlin is making a map of the cave as part of his college studies and also in an attempt to help his father win a political election.

Cassy, the second oldest child of Festus and Nell, is upset that Rebekah gets to go away and work. Cassy is not happy with her life, she wants to go away to a big city and have nice things. She manages to get a job at the resort as well and meets a young man. When their relationship is dying she tells him she can take him into the cave and show him things that the tour doesn’t. They get lost in the cave and the Hardin family once again is waiting outside the cave waiting for a child to be rescued.

This is a very good story. I appreciate the authors notes at the end of the book with the real history of the cave. The author has written a story that somewhat follow the true story of the cave.

I enjoyed reading the story and seeing the difference between Rebekah and Cassy. Rebekah is the helpful daughter, wanting to help and take care of others, while Cassy is the sister that does not like to follow orders and help out. The part that sticks out to me the most is when Rebekah asks Devin is he is heaven bound. Devin feels he is because he follows the laws of men and doesn’t feel he breaks any commandments. But Preacher Hayne’s comments “ Hell’s depths’ll be filled with good folks who never took the time to meet Jesus”.

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I was given a copy of this book from Blogging for Books for an honest review.

352 pages

ISBN-10: 0307731391

ISBN-13: 978-0307731395

Publisher: WaterBrook


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