This Road We Traveled by Jane Kirkpatrick


The Road We Traveled is a Christian historical story written by Jan Kirkpatrick. The story starts in 1845 with Orus Brown returning to St. Charles, Missouri from spending time in Oregon. He has come back with stories and the news that he is taking the Brown family to Oregon but he does not intend for his mother, Tabitha, to go with. He tries to convince her that he is only thinking of what is best for her. He tells her that the trip will be long and hard and added to that her age and lameness, he does not intend to take her with. He thinks she should stay behind with her other son,Manthano, while Orus and her daughter, Phernie and their families make the move to Oregon country.

Tabitha can not be stopped she sets out to try to find a way to make the trip. She teams up with her late husband’s brother to get a wagon and hire someone to take them on the trip with her family. Together with Orus and Phernie and their families, Tabitha join a wagon train group and head to Oregon. They endure illness, hardship and eventually run out of food and have to leave many belongings behind without know for sure that they will make it to Oregon.

This is a wonderful story of the trials that the wagon trains had to go through, as well as the emotional and physical challenges the people faced during the journey. I really enjoyed reading this book. It shows the strength that Tabitha had and how she managed to find ways to support her self even when she had nothing. It also showed the generosity that Tabitha showed towards others. I did wonder about Orus though. That he would talk his extended family into making this trip, but he went off with his wife and children ahead of the rest. He did not stick with the wagon train to help out. He was not there to help them decide which route to take when they were faced with two different options.

I especially like that the author shares with us at the end of the book, that this story is based on true people and true events.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing for an honest review.

352 pages

ISBN-10: 0800722337

ISBN-13: 978-0800722333

Publisher: Revell


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