The Captive Heart by Michelle Griep


The Captive Heart by Michelle Griep is a Christian Historical Romance, but it is so much more. It is a look into the lives of early settlers taking place in 1770 in the back country of Carolina.

After rejecting the advances of her employer, Eleanor is forced to leave London. Duchess Brougham is all to familiar with her husband and knows Eleanor will not work in England again, so she tells Eleanor to pack her things and board a ship to the Colonies. The duchess sends along with Eleanor money and a letter to work for her cousin, taking care of his children.

While on the ship, the money and letter go missing and Eleanor’s future is unsure. The duchess’s cousin does not come for Eleanor. After a week and half, a man enters the ship to pay the passage of three women. Eleanor and her two roommates are taken to Newcastle.

After the death of his wife, Samuel has turned his life around. He has stopped drinking and has found the Lord. Samuel is part Native American but wants his daughter to grow up knowing the English world. After his home in Newcastle burned down, he moved out into the wild country near his family.

Eleanor is forced to marry Samuel Heath and move out to his cabin and care for his young daughter, Grace. Eleanor agrees to the marriage as long as it is not a physical marriage. While Samuel is gone hunting and trapping, Eleanor is to care for Grace in the country where wild animal run. Grace is a little girl full of energy and mischief. Grace has a way of getting her and Eleanor into situations that are not safe.

This is a very good story, it just pulls you in right from the beginning. The characters are so well introduced that they feel like friends from the start. The description of the ship’s conditions made me feel sorry for the passengers and the poor living conditions they were forced to live in.

I wanted so badly for the story to tell us how good Eleanor was at cooking and caring for the small family, but that is not the case. Eleanor does not know how to cook the type of meals that are expected of her. Her one attempt at starting a garden was not successful as Samuel told her so much grew wild. When she does attempt to make the small cabin a home, she is faced with frustration from Samuel.

I received a copy of the book from Barbour Publishing for an honest review.

320 pages

ISBN-10: 1634097831

ISBN-13: 978-1634097833

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press


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