The Raven by Mike Nappa



The Raven, written by Mike Nappa, is book two in the Coffey & Hill Series. We follow up with Samuel and Trudi. Samuel is now working as a Atlanta PD detective, while Trudi, his ex-wife continues with their investigating business. Samuel is investigating the possibility of a situation referred to as “Nevermore”. He has asked Mama Bliss to let him know if she hears anything of it.

Mama Bliss is an elderly woman who owns a store specializing in unusual items, but her store is just the beginning of what takes place in her building. Mama prefers to stay in her wheelchair to get around and often spends her nights in her office instead of going home. Many years earlier she lost her grandson and she is determined to make those responsible pay.

This book introduces us to a young man that goes by the name of The Raven. He is a street entertainer acting as a magician and mind reader who picks pockets to pay his rent. His pick pocketing has caused him to run into the wrong person. Men break into his apartment, beating him and eventually removing his little finger.

Having not read the first book, this book started out slow but soon picked up speed. We are introduced to the characters in such a way that having not read the first book did not matter. The author has given us enough background to know what was happening and why.

The story is very suspenseful and full of twist and turns. Anyone who enjoys mystery and suspense will enjoy this book. It is fast moving and at points it is very hard to put down. We also see the strength and generosity of the characters as well. We see a young man who is struggling with what he did years ago and the results of those actions. But we also see a young man who reflects back on things his father, a pastor, has taught him.
I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Series: Coffey & Hill (Book 2)

432 pages

ISBN-10: 0800726456

ISBN-13: 978-0800726454

Publisher: Revell


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