The Babel Conspiracy by Sylvia Bambola

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The Babel Conspiracy is a contemporary Christian suspense novel written by Sylvia Bambola. Patterson Aviation is working on developing the first nuclear-powered aircraft. They are under a very tight schedule and it seems like things keep going wrong. Trisha and Audra are women engineers who work for the company. Trisha is a Christian woman who has feeling for her married employer. He also has feeling for her and makes advances that she rejects as a result of her Christian faith. Audra lives a life of drinking and one night stands.
The story takes place in the United States on an election year. Terrorism is very prominent. People are rioting in the streets and the police are not getting the support they need. Since 9/11 every president has changed the laws to give themselves more power. President Baker has declare martial law setting curfews and has the military patrolling the street. People’s rights have been taken away and the Constitution has been suspended. Just a short time before the election the president has declared the upcoming election will be suspended indefinitely. The current president cannot serve another term. The candidate chose for his replacement is not a favorable person and the other candidate is receiving threats.
This story is very fast paced with a lot of characters, some are not very well introduced. There actually are two story lines in this story, one of the aviation company and women engineers and one of the government involvement in the terrorism. I found it hard to follow along with story at times because of this. The story contains a lot of violence, murders, conspiracy and rape. Not everyone will enjoy reading this story. I do appreciate the strong Faith Trisha has and how she witnesses to others. Her belief that nothing was impossible with God is repeated in the story. I can also appreciate the authors comment after the story about God does forgive and restore, but only to those who want it. I also appreciate the authors information about this being a rewrite and update of the book A Vessel of Honor.
I have received a copy of this book from Book Crash and this is my honest review.
310 pages
ISBN-10: 0989970728
ISBN-13: 978-0989970723
Publisher: Heritage Publishing House
The book is available for purchase at:


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