From This Day Forward by Lauraine Snelling


From This Day Froward is book 4 in the Songs of Blessing series written by Lauraine Snelling. This is Deborah and Toby’s book. Deborah and Toby have been friends since childhood when Toby would dip Deborah’s hair in ink. Both have gone away to get their adult lives in order and come back to Blessing. Deborah is a nurse at the local clinic/hospital and Toby runs a construction company.

The community is growing and along with that there is a need for the school to grow. Toby along with other men of the community are adding onto the school for the deaf. They are putting in very long days, with some even working 7 day weeks. Through this time, Deborah leaves food at Toby’s house so he has something easy to eat when he gets home and for breakfast. But Toby takes Deborah for granted. He knows where she is and know that he could visit her anytime he wants to, but he just does not take the time.

Along with the growth of the schools, there also is need for more teachers. Anton comes to town to be one of the teachers. There is a box social fundraiser and Anton out bids Toby for Deborah’s box. And when Deborah goes away for hospital training Anton and Toby both write to Deborah. Toby begins to wonder if he has taken her for granted too long and wonders if she will chose Anton over him.

Just like all the other author’s stories based in Blessing, this book is totally wonderful. I love how the author just keeps adding stories about this community. I enjoy being able to catch up on Ingeborg and her extended family. It is so fun to see how much her children have matured and to hear about their families. It was sad to read about the passing of David Gould’s wife. But I truly hope the author has a story planned for Ingaborg and David.

I really enjoy that this is a Christian Historical Fiction story. It is a clean story with a little Biblical references but the actions of the community members are those of love, caring and generosity.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing and I have written an honest review.

Series: Song of Blessing (Book 4)

368 pages

ISBN-10: 0764211072

ISBN-13: 978-0764211072

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

To learn more about the author visit:

Some places to buy the book are:


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