The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson


The Silent Songbird is a medieval fairy tale that takes place in 1384 in Hertfordshire, England. Evangeline is the cousin and ward to King Richard II. She feels like she is no better than a prisoner in the dungeon, not being able to talk to or interact with who ever she wants. One morning while looking out her window singing, she watches the servants talking and laughing while doing their work. That day she is informed the the King has chose his closest advisor, Lord Shiveley as the man she will marry. After spending the evening with them, she packs a bag of servant’s clothing and decides to run away. She is caught by Muriel and they both run away together. They travel with Westley le Wyse to his parents home and become servants for them in the village of Glynval.

To avoid being recognized, she pretends to be mute, but when she witnesses an attack on Westley’s life, she yells for help. Sabina, a local girl who has her eyes on Westley, comes to help her. Sabina causes trouble for Evangeline. One day she gives poisonous mushrooms to Evangeline to put into the soup. When this is discovered, Evangeline is taken out to be flogged. Westley comes to her rescue and with discussion, finds out that Sabina caused the problem. Evangeline is then moved into the castle to work. It is quickly found out that she is was not a servant as she can read and has not servant skills.

Evangeline’s story is eventually revealed and she begs Westley to not let the men looking for her to take her back to the King to be married to Lord Shiveley. Glyncal village is having a celebration that will include a singing contest and Evangeline is told she will be taking part in it. Her singing voice is what she is known for at the King’s castle and she fears she will be recognized.

This is a good clean romance written for young adults. It is a very good story with suspense and mystery woven through out the story. The characters are very well developed and even through there are many characters in the story, they are introduced in such a way it is easy to follow along. The story also has humor written into it as well. This is a very easy story to get lost in. The story is so well written it is easy to get pulled into the story and not want to put it down. I especially appreciate how the author has written into the story Evangeline’s desire to read the Bible and how that becomes something she and Westly do together. This is a great story for the teen age girl but is also very enjoyable for the mature woman as well.

I recieved a copy of this book from BookLookBloggers and I have written an honest review.

304 pages

ISBN-10: 0718026314

ISBN-13: 978-0718026318

Publisher: Thomas Nelson


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