A Primary Decision by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit


A Primary Decision is book three in The Worthington Destiny written by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit. The book focuses on Sarah Worthington while keeping the reader aware of the rest of the Worthington family. The Worthingtons are a blue-blood family in New York City. Sarah’s older brother’s have attempted to run for political office but both have backed down from the race.

Sarah is an attorney who is working on the Polar Bear Bombing case. When she is chosen to be the US attorney general she becomes aware of illegal activities the current president is involved in. When she moves forward with prosecuting the president, she is forced to leave her position. But this does not stop her stop her. She decides to run for president. If she wins she will be the youngest president, the first female president and the first Worthington in six generations.

Sarah struggles with trusting and having secrets kept from her. Even though she pushes her friend Jon away, he gives her the space she needs, while being there for her when she needs someone. Sarah also learns about forgiving.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Even though it is the thrid in the series, it is written so that you are able to read it without having read the first two.  It is a book about family, family love and dedication. I enjoyed reading that despite an affair early in their marriage, the Worthington’s parents were able to make their marriage grow. Also that from the affair, a son was born. As an adult the son finds out about his biological father and eventually works through issues and gets to know his father.

This book is also filled with suspense as the Polar Bear Bombing case is investigated. The author gets the story of the bomber across without going into much violence. There is also romance mixed in with the story. The story touches lightly on the Christian aspect. Mainly with references to reading the Bible.

I also enjoyed the section Dr. Leman has at the end of the book about the different personality traits of people based on their birth order.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing and I have written an honest review.

Series: The Worthington Destiny (Book 3)

Pages: 352

ISBN: 978080723309

Publisher: Revell Publishing


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