Saffire by Sigmund Brouwer


For President Teddy Roosevelt, controlling the east-west passage between two oceans mattered so much that he orchestrated a revolution to control it. His command was to “let the dirt fly” and for years, the American Zone of the Panama Canal mesmerizer the world, working in uneasy co-existence with the Panamanian aristocrats.”

The Year is 1909 and Dakota cowboy, James Holt has been asked to go the the the Panama Canal. He has gone as it will pay him enough to keep from losing his ranch. He is a friend of President Roosevelt, a former member of the Buffalo Bill show and a single dad. When he arrives there, he is instructed to find out what happened to a young girl’s mother. That young girl is Saffire, and she does not believe that the story she is being told is true. She has told the authorities that if they do not investigate what happened to her mother she will contact a reporter. Saffire is close to the age of his daughter and he quickly feels protective of her.

Saffire has a way of going around the area and knows everyone. She is doing good works with what she has available by helping feed the hungry children. She takes Holt to talk to some people who might know more about her mother. But when Holt is over heard asking questions, the National Police take him away and torture him to get information out of him.

When this is found out, Colonel Goethals, requests his presence again. This time asking him to stay a few more days to ask questions about the deaths and accidents at the canal. To do so, Holt would receive payment large enough to pay off his ranch.

Saffire, a novel by Sigmund Brouwer, is very fast moving with a lot of events happening and suspense, with just a little romance mixed in. The main part of the story spans the length of just 4 days. This is hard for me to comprehend with all that happens in those four days.

I enjoyed reading this book. I especially liked the mystery part of the story. And there was humor through out the story as well. There were times I wondered at how everything that could go wrong did, but Holt always found his way out of danger. I requested this book thinking it was Christian fiction. The story is a good clean story without the use of swear words or sex, but I just did not get the feeling it was really a Christian book.

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books and this is my honest review.

327 pages

ISBN: 9780307446510

Publisher: Waterbrook


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