The Pattern Artist by Nancy Moser


Born into a life of hard work, English housemaid Annie Wood arrives in New York City in 1911 with her wealthy mistress. Wide-eyes with the possibilities America has to offer, Annie wonders if there’s more for her than a life of service.”

When Annie arrives in New York City she is forced to realize what her real position is. She is not allowed to have snacks with the rest of the staff and she is to sleep in the attic with another young lady, Iris, she has never met. One day while her employer is out and the other staff are napping, Annie, Iris and her brother Danny leave the house and eventually end up at the Macy’s store. Annie is excited about what she saw. When she finds out that the other staff are taking credit for her seamstress work on her mistress’s clothing, she makes plans to leave her employer.

Along with Iris and Danny, Annie leaves. After they lose their money, they are forced to sleep out side over night. The next morning the local baker finds them and offers them all jobs in exchange of a place to sleep and meals. Annie is honest with them and tells them she plans to find other work. She very quickly gets a job at Macy’s and she is very good at helping the customers pick out fabric and patterns. One day the Butterick pattern sales person, Sean, comes into the store and meets Annie. They develop a friendship and he eventually gets her an interview at the Butterick company. Annie does not have much experience with drawing, designing or even sewing from a pattern. Yet, she finds out she has God given talent she never knew she had. While working at Butterick she met Mrs. Sampson. Mrs. Sampson offers her a job working for her, designing clothing that is not restrictive. Annie chooses to stay with Butterick and does so well that she is chosen to go to the fashion shows in Paris along with her co-worker Maude. They find out that their return home is to be on the maiden voyage of the Titanic along with Sean and the Sampsons.

The Pattern Artist, written by Nancy Moser, is a historical fiction romance. I really enjoyed reading this story. Being a seamstress, it was fun to read about the pattern company and the way that styles and patterns were made for the home sewer. The Butterick patterns are my favorite! So it was really fun to read this story. I normally do not spend much time with discussion questions at the end of the story, but I did with this book.

I enjoyed reading about the strength Annie had and how she set out to accomplish what she dreamed of doing. It was encouraging to read that Annie finally realized that after leaving her mistress a lot of doors had opened for her. Without planing it, Annie did achieve the American Dream.

This book would be enjoyed by anyone who likes to read historical fiction, especially if they enjoy reading about strong women and their friendships.

I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and I have written an honest review.

320 pages

ISBN: 9781634097925

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press/ Barbour Publishing


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