Feast of Thieves by Marcus Brotherton


Preaching or Prison – an impossible choice for a man who usually solves his problems with a rifle or his fists.”

Just like so many other soldiers coming home from the war, Sergeant Rowdy Slater has had trouble finding a job. Prior to going away to war her left his daughter in the care of a couple who have taken advantage of his ability to pay them for her care. He now owes them a lot of money and they are threatening to use her in their business is he does not pay them. With no way to pay them, he teams up with Crazy Ake and robs the bank in Cut Eye, Texas. With the police after them, they jump into the river with the bag of money. When Rowdy finally comes out of the river, he cannot see Crazy Ake. But he still has the bag of money. He regrets what he has done and does not want he money.

After taking off, he returns to get the money and takes it to the local law enforcement office. The sheriff has the money counted and finds out it is exactly what was stolen from the bank. But he does not question Rowdy. Instead he sentences Rowdy to a year pastoring the community church in Cut Eye. Rowdy quickly finds out the job is not a easy as he thinks it will be. He has no knowledge of preaching and works with the sheriff’s daughter to learn how to pastor the church and community.

Before the end of his year comes, Crazy Ake is back and forcing Rowdy to help him with other crimes. The people who are watching his daughter refuse to give her back to him. And now he is facing legal charges and may be charged with his crimes.

Feast For Thieves by Marcus Brotherton is a very good book!  It has a lot of action that takes place as well as humor and romance mixed in with the story. It is not surprising that Rowdy starts to remember about his Sunday School years or that he starts to believe what he is preaching. I found his first sermon to be funny. I could not believe the author would think of something like skinning a squirrel as his first sermon. I also though the way he went about winning people over to the church was very unique. If you like reading historical fiction, especially those based in the 1940’s, you will love this book!

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishing and this is my honest review.

288 pages

ISBN: 9780802412133

Publisher: River North Fiction

This book may be purchased at:






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