For The Record by Regina Jennings


For The Record is Book 3 in the Ozark Mountain Romance series written by Regina Jennings. This also is a stand alone book. The story takes place in Pine Gap, Missouri in 1885.

Deputy Joel Puckett was given the option to move to Pine Gap or lose his job and reputation. When he arrives at Pine Gap, the community is not welcoming. The previous sheriff did not do his job and a group of men formed the Bald Knobbers. The Bald Knobbers is a group that goes out in masks providing what they consider justice. Joel has the enormous task of getting the community to understand he is the law in the town.

Betsy Huckabee is the niece of the town’s newspaper owner. Betsy also helps her uncle with the newspaper, she appears to be everywhere all the time. She even dresses up as a Bald Knobber. She has secretly been writing fictional stories and sending them to out of town newspapers. She is trying to save money to be able to move out on her own. She uses Joel as the main character for her new series. She uses facts from some of the towns events in her stories as well as Joel’s last name. The series gets picked up by a lot of other newspapers than the one she sent it to. Because of her stories the governor’s office has sent men to investigate Joel.

This is a fun to read Christian Historical fiction story with suspense and romance mixed in within the story. Being a historical story, Betsy’s character was more that of a modern woman. But that is what makes the story fun, not know what she will do next. The story also has many twists and turns to keep the suspense going through out the whole story. We also see the generosity of Betsy’s uncle and his family as they take in people in need. If you like good clean historical stories, you will love this story!
Online reviews state this is part of a series, but this does not appear on the book. This is very much a stand alone story as well.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House and I have written an honest review.

Series:Ozark Mountain Romance (Book 3)

336 pages

ISBN: 9780764211423

Publisher: Bethany House

To read about the author and see other books she has written go to:

This book can be purchased at:|M


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