Beyond Suffering Bible NLT by Joni and Friends, Inc


I received a request to read and review this Bible.  At first I ignored it wondering how I would read and review a whole Bible.  But when I reread the email the night after sitting in the hospital another day with my very ill son, I knew I had to read it.    But when I got it, I found that it was written more along what I had to deal with.  At the end of the Bible portion of the book are articles written by various people.  One of the first I read was “The Constant Distraction”.  I felt I was reading my story!  Having suffered an injury over 15 years ago, I have lived with constant pain and had to learn how to manage the fine line of what I can do for how long and how often and still be able to live a fairly normal life.  Other articles that really spoke to me were “How to Be a Loving Friend to Those Affected by Disability” and “Becoming a Welcoming Church”.

The Bible is the New Living Translation, which is very easy to read and  understand.  It contains a users guide to help the reader use the Bible.  It also includes ten reading plans that are broken up into five  to 7  readings.  The reading plans make the Bible a very good choice for small group Bible Studies.   I really enjoyed “Growing Spiritually Through Suffering” and Praising God Through Suffering”.

The books of the Bible start out with a short over view of the book, who wrote it, when and it’s purpose.  The over view also lists the suffering and disability themes in the books.  Through out the books are Connection Points to help the reader understand specific verses.  There are also profiles of the authors and people in the  Bible books and additional writing within the books to read more in depth.

I am so glad I decided to accept this book from Tyndale Publishing.  It has replaced the Bible I have used for years.  It is so easy to read and understand.  I really like the additional readings and Connection Points added to the books.  I have found myself rethinking what I have read several times.  And I enjoy the background of the Biblical people that is in the Profiles.  I especially enjoyed reading Joni Eareckson Tada’s story.  She gives so much encouragement to so many people just by how she has moved past her disabilities.

This Bible is not just for the person living with illness or injuries, it is for anyone who knows someone struggling with illness or injuries. We all know someone that struggles with these and this Bible is great for the caregiver, support person and friends as well.  I feel this would be a great addition to any church Bible Study ministry, to reach out and show they care.

If I could find one negative to say about this specific edition of this Bible, it would be that the pages are so thin. Turning the pages is a little hard when laying down.  I am afraid they might rip.  But this Bible is available in other formats.

Thank you to Tyndale Publishing for allowing me to read and use this Bible, this is my honest review.

1696 pages

ISBN:  978-1414395586

Publisher:Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Some places you can buy this book are:



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