Reflections With God by Linda Seger, Th.D.


Reflections With God While Waiting to Be Healed is written by Linda Seger, Th.D. Linda developed a movement disorder and later breast cancer. Through the Promises for healing in the Bible, through prayer, daily therapy and the best doctors in the world, she improved but was not healed. She turned further to God, exploring where He is and who He is while waiting to be healed. This is a book of her journey along with very helpful information for anyone who is going through illness or injury.

She gives the reader very good information regarding what they may be going through and their walk through their condition. She explains that when we develop a condition that our life will change. Instead of having time for going to events we enjoy, we may now be spending that time with medical visits. She explains the need to reach out to others for help. We may now notice the people we look to raise us up are not the people we look to during a health condition. We look to people who will give us a smile, compassion and caring. We are to call on our spiritual community during a time of need. Even though we may be tempted to blame God for our situation, we are to look to Him to help us through our journey.

I really appreciate this book and the good advice the author has given from experience with her heal walk. I like that she points out that our life may take on a new normal. Our new normal may be therapies that take up our time or learning to do simple things in a new way. But good can come out of tragedy. Our illness may lead us to do something for others.

I received a copy of this book from BookClub Network and I have written an honest review.

144 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1942557708

Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing


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