A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz


A Moonbow Night is a novel written by Laura Frantz based in 1777 in Kentucke territory. Tempe Tucker and her family were in a group that was traveling to the Kentucke territory. Tempe was to marry James Boone, the son of Danial Boone. On the day of her wedding, James and a small group were on their way back to camp when they were attacked and James was killed. The group went on and the Tucker family settled along the Shawnee River. They established and inn that welcomed travelers.

Sion Morgan is a surveyor traveling with his late wife’s brother and a few others. They are in need of a guide and Tempe is the best there is. Tempe goes along with the surveyor crew to help guide them through the territory. The travel is dangerous due to the numerous Indian attacks as well as the wilderness.

I loved this book! I found the story very interesting and full of adventure. This is not a feel good story. This story gives a look into the dangers of living during this time in history. It also gives a glance into what the times were like and how the people lived. We get to see how the settlements are lacking in medical care and after the attacks also the lack of enough food. We also get to see the faith some have that get them through.

The author has used actual events as the background of the story. She has written this story so well, that it was hard to put the book down at times of suspense. This book has a lot of adventure and suspense and a little romance all written together. Anyone who enjoys reading about the pioneer days will enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing and I have written an honest review.

384 pages

ISBN-13: 9780800726621

Publisher: Revell Publishing

Some places you can buy this book are:





You can read more about the book and see the reader’s guide (meant to be read after reading the story) at author’s web site http://laurafrantz.net/books/a-moonbow-night/


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